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Welcome to the heart transplant program at gleneagles global hospitals


The heart transplant program is a comprehensive, advanced and state-of-the-art program to give you a new hope and a new lease of life. Headed by one of the world renowned cardiac transplant surgeons, the program at Gleneagles Global Hospitals, India provides tailor-made transplant surgeries based on the ailments, age and other complications. It is our endeavor to help you recover and live life as you've always wanted - to its fullest. With advanced diagnostics, and comprehensive rehabilitation schedule we ensure you have access to the best care at every stage of the transplant journey.

Nothing is more inspiring to us than hearing people talk about how their lives have been transformed after undergoing the heart transplant procedure at our hospital. These are patient experiences dedicated to optimism, healing, recovery and the strong belief that there is more to life. We are here to give you that belief.


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Bettering life with best technologies
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World-class expert team of skilled surgeons with experience of over 10,000 heart surgeries.
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Specialized, intensively trained team focused on heart failure management & post-transplant care.
Know More About The Heart Transplant Program


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Heart Transplant Care

Advanced heart failure is the end-stage for a constellation of heart diseases. With over 26 million worldwide suffering from a wide range of heart failures, around 10 million of them in India, the need for comprehensive and advanced heart transplant care has never been more acute and contingent. These millions of patients have long been in the shackles of heart disease, and are progressing through its various stages. For them, a Heart Transplant remains the only viable treatment option for long term cure.

At Gleneagles Global Hospitals we have a comprehensive and holistic approach to the treatment of heart failure. This includes clinical treatment by better drugs, world class standards in heart transplant care and mechanical devices that support the functioning of the heart. Our range of mechanical devices include both assist devices and artificial heart devices. The key to the excellent results we have evidenced is good disease management as well as the collective efforts of an experienced and expert team. Some of the fundamentals of a successful transplant program include:

operation heart transplant

Heart Transplant Care

A comprehensive Heart Transplant Program needs a dedicated, committed and expert team of doctors, surgeons and support staff who work in tandem to ensure that every transplant achieves the set of patient-objectives that were envisaged at the beginning. Gleneagles Global Hospitals is home to one of the country most experienced and accomplished team of heart transplant physicians and surgeons.

The Team consists of specialized staff for pre-transplant procedures and the actual transplant and post-transplant rehabilitation. The pre-transplant team consists of pre-heart transplant cardiologists, a pre-heart transplant coordinator, heart failure nursing coordinator, social workers, transplant psychologist, financial counselor and an in-patient transplant nursing practitioner.

The transplant team includes transplant surgeons and transplant nursing practitioners. The post-transplant rehabilitation team consists of a post-transplant cardiologist, post-transplant nursing practitioner, physical therapist, transplant counsellor and a dietitian. The best results, as evidenced, at Gleneagles Global Hospitals is possible with the dedication and precision of the team involved.


Heart Failure

Heart Failure is the impairment of heart muscles. This results in the obstructing of the normal heart functions and/or severely limits the ability of the heart to pump sufficient blood to the different parts of the body.

The condition can develop gradually or can manifest all of a sudden, it can affect people of all age-groups and is not gender-biased in any manner.

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  • Coronary Artery Disease

    Is the most common cause of heart failure caused by hypertension, excessive smoking, obesity and type-diabetes!

  • Difficulty in Physical Work

    Is the most common symptom of heart failure with patients experiencing shortness of breath & inability to do any physical work!

  • Common Heart Conditions

    Such as cardiomyopathy, heart valve disease, congenital heart disorders and abnormalities of heart beat also cause heart failure.

  • Risks of Heart Failure

    An unhealthy lifestyle - lack of exercise, unhealthy eating presents the most common & pertinent risk of developing a heart failure.

  • Managing of Heart Failure

    Management of heart failure is a definite possibility with cutting down excessive fats consumption, reducing salt intake and regular exercise.

Bettering Lives With Technologies

State-of-the-art technology and the world's most advanced infrastructure - all under one roof. To deliver the most comprehensive and cutting-edge heart transplant care.

Heart Failure Clinic

A specialized clinic with expertise & infrastructure to provide the best cardiac consultation, surgery and transplant care.

Heart Devices

Deploying implantable devices such as LVADs, VADs helps a patient sustain normal heart function until a transplant is possible.

Heart Transplantation Units

Specialized transplant units that helps secured and swift movement of the heart to be transplanted into a diseased patient.

Air Ambulances

Specialized chartered aircrafts with advanced medical facilities for the transport of organ and/or patients, across large distances.

ECMO Program

Extracorporeal life support or ECMO provides life support during recuperation and aids conventional therapies.

infant heart transplant

Heart Failure Clinics

I ncreasing incidence of heart failure in India, means the need for specialized clinics, staff and transplant care is more acute and urgent. We have undertaken a new community level initiative of setting up a chain of dedicated heart failure clinics across the country. Through this initiative we hope to highlight the threats from heart failure, reach out to more people across the country suffering from this condition, and offer personalized treatment plan and improve their quality of life. These specialized heart failure clinics will be run by nurse managers, dedicated cardiologists, cardiac dieticians and counsellors.


Undergoing a Heart Transplant

A heart transplant is one of the most complex surgical procedures and requires expertise, experience and acumen to be executed successfully. Gleneagles Global Hospitals has an advanced heart transplant program, latest technologies, specialized and inter-disciplinary care to ensure you receive expert transplant care and a comprehensive post-transplant assistance. We perform approximately 60-80 heart and lung transplants each year. Patients range in age can be from newborns to adults. They have almost every type of end-stage heart disease. We remain in touch with patients throughout their lives. We continue to offer support and education as well as medical assistance related to the transplant well after your successful procedure and return home.

Stages of Heart Transplant

Welcome to Gleneagles Global Hospitals Heart Transplant Program. This is the best place for heart transplant surgery in India. Our team at their network have developed the pioneering basis for solid thoracic organ transplants in India. We performed the first successful adult lung transplant in the India at our center in Chennai, in 2010. Since then, The Team has developed many innovations that are now standard practice. Today, The Team advances new surgery techniques, develops better anti-rejection medication protocols and provides the absolute best care for heart transplant patients.

The first stage of any transplant procedure is to evaluate the patient for suitability and necessity for a heart transplant. The evaluation will also include a discussion with the patient wherein he/she will be briefed on the procedure & post-transplant care.
A patient expected to undergo a heart transplant will be put through several screening investigations such as x-rays, angiogram & blood tests. Dental & physical evaluation will also be conducted in addition to a mental assessment of the patient.
Once a patient is identified for transplant, he/she is added to the National Organ & Tissue Transplant Organization list. Although, the wait time is not fixed; patient must be physically & financially ready to undergo transplant as soon as a donor is available.
As soon as the donor is available, the surgical phase kicks in. The organ is harvested & the recipient is prepared for surgery simultaneously. The surgery can last around 6-8 hours. Post-surgery a tailor-made rehabilitation plan is prescribed for the patient.

Getting to The Heart of the Matter - The Heart Transplant Journey




Happy Patients

Over 5000 Successful Transplants

Gleneagles Global Hospitals is the pioneer of organ transplants in India with one of the most comprehensive and successful transplant programs in the country. With over 5000 transplant surgeries of liver, kidneys, heart, lung and others, Gleneagles Global Hospitals is truly the leader in organ transplant care in India.


Every year, we strive to make life-transforming impact in the lives of patients diagnosed with heart failure and other critical conditions that require a heart transplant. Hear and read what our patients have to say in their journey towards recovery. Dedicated to optimism, healing, recovery and the strong belief that there is more to life. We hope it inspires you as much as it inspires us!

Komal, a young and happy lady from Maharashtra underwent a successful heart & lung transplant surgery at Gleneagles Global Hospitals to overcome Primary Pulmonary Hypertension. With a new lease of life and renewed hope, she is slowly getting back to normal life.

Alina, a teenager from Kiev, was born with a congenital heart condition that caused mixing of pure and impure blood in her heart with very high lung pressure. This resulted in deoxygenated blood in her body, depriving her of a normal healthy childhood. She underwent a successful heart transplant at Gleneagles Global Hospitals and is now hopeful of a healthy, happy adult life.

Hameed, an 18 year old UAE resident, undergoes a successful heart transplant surgery at Gleneagles Global Hospitals. He was suffering from end-stage heart failure, but has now made an excellent recovery and ready to follow his dreams.

Patient Testimonials

I was sick with heart failure in Singapore, but could not get a cardiac donor in time. At the right moment I got in touch with Gleneagles Global Health City, Chennai.I was registered for the heart transplant program in Gleneagles Global Health City in Chennai, where I got a suitable donor within 15 days and got operated. The results were amazing! I am now doing well after the transplant surgery. My operation results are good and I am ready to return home to my family in Singapore. All my thanks go to the entire team.

YBS Treated For : Heart Failure
child heart transplant

I am from Baghdad in Iraq. I became ill last year with serious heart ailment and was critical. My doctors in Iraq gave up all hope. Fortunately, I got in touch with the Heart Transplant Team at Gleneagles Global Health City, Chennai. They were kind enough to register me in the Gleneagles Heart Transplant Program and luckily, I could get a new heart. Now thanks to the team of doctors in Chennai, I feel totally normal. I am active and walk 4-5 km every day.

M.K. Treated For : Heart Failure
heart transplant in infants

I am from Haryana, India and was sick with an incurable disease "Interstitial Lung Disease" for last 3 years. I was dependent 24hours on oxygen. Doctors in Delhi gave me only 2-3 months to live and everyone said a Lung Transplantation is very difficult. Fortunately, I contacted the Heart Transplant Team at Gleneagles Global Health City, Chennai. I was very lucky to receive a successful lung transplant and I have recovered very well now. I now walk 1 km a day without oxygen and feel great.

R.K Treated For : Interstitial Lung Disease
best heart transplant surgeon in india
newborn heart transplant