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At Gleneagles Global Hospitals, you will find the best doctors who are experienced and compassionate in caring for patients with advanced or end-stage heart failure. Once your cardiologist has concluded that your best treatment option is a heart transplant, you will undergo a number of test that would help evaluate the possibility of heart transplant, whether your body is strong enough to tolerate the surgery and required medication. Once your test results confirm your eligibility for heart transplantation you will meet the heart transplant care team. As you move through the transplant journey, from evaluation to heart transplant to post-surgery care and rehabilitation, our team of cardiologists, intesivist & anaesthetist, heart transplant surgeons, heart transplant co-coordinators, nursers, care managers, physiotherapist, dietitians and other clinicians will work together to manage your care at every stage. The single minded focus and goal of our heart transplant team is to help you return to a full and productive life post heart transplantation.

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Core Competency

Assessment and Preparation of Heart Transplant patients | Immunosuppression in Heart Transplant | Lung Transplant & VATS

Dr Govini Balasubramani

MS, M.Ch
Sr. Consultant Transplant Surgeon
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Core Competency

TEE | Pre-Operative stabilization of donor | Peri-Operative management of heart & lung transplant

Dr Sriram

Sr. Consultant Transplant Anaesthesia Intensive Care
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Mr Suneel Kumar Lakkipogu

Perfusionist & ECMO Service
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Dr Lakshmi

baby heart transplant

Ms Shalini

Nurse Coordinators
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Ms Shilpy

newborn heart transplant

Mrs Lavanya Arul

Transplant Mental Counsellor
heart transplant surgeon

Mr Parthasarathy Shanmugam

Cardiac Operation Head
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Mr K Shankarganesh

Sr. Transplant Coordinator
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Mr Harshit Agarwal

Patient Clinical Co-ordinater
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Mr Subhasantak Mohanty

IT & Data Support