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Heart Transplant Care

Advanced heart failure is the end-stage for a constellation of heart diseases. With over 26 million people worldwide suffering from a wide range of heart failures (around 10 million of them in India), the need for comprehensive and advanced heart transplant care has never been more acute and contingent. These millions of patients have long been in the shackles of heart disease, and are progressing through its various stages. For them, a Heart Transplant remains the only viable treatment option for long term cure.

At Gleneagles Global Hospitals we have a comprehensive and holistic approach to the treatment of heart failure. This includes clinical treatment by better drugs, world class standards in heart transplant care and mechanical devices that support the functioning of the heart. Our range of mechanical devices include both assist devices and artificial heart devices. The key to the excellent results we have evidenced is good disease management as well as the collective efforts of an experienced and expert team. Some of the fundamentals of a successful transplant program include:

  • Holistic Approach

    Thinking beyond the surgical aspect and focusing on the psychological, physiological and financial aspects of the transplant.

  • Patient Education

    Improved education helps reduce anxiety, and increases assurance which improves outcome rates for any transplant procedure.

  • Family Awareness

    Helping families understand postsurgical care and the science behind the disease helps generate more confidence in the ongoing treatment.

  • Patient Outcomes

    The patient, surgeon and the family must work as a team to ensure that good surgical outcomes translate to successful patient outcomes.