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Advanced Center for the Treatment of Cardiac Diseases

The modern day lifestyle makes everyone susceptible to heart problems with advancing age. Regular check-ups help to detect problems early and to seek effective treatment. Ignoring your cardiac health and avoiding regular check-ups could lead to delay in the identification of any underlying heart conditions resulting in advanced stages of cardiac diseases.

Gleneagles Global Hospitals brings you the most qualified team of cardiologists and cardiac surgeons to give you the most comprehensive cardiac care. We provide a dedicated intensive care unit for cardiac emergencies as well as a heart failure clinic to meet both immediate and planned cardiac procedures. State-of-the-art infrastructure and skilled personnel makes Gleneagles Global Hospitals the best cardiology care provider in the country.

pediatric heart transplant centers

We perform approximately 60-80 heart and lung transplants each year. Patients can range from newborns to adults with various types of end-stage heart disease. We remain in touch with patients throughout their lives. We continue to offer support, education, and medical assistance well after the successful transplant procedure and the patients have returned home.

Our experienced cardiac surgeons and heart specialists have developed pioneering techniques for solid thoracic organ transplants in India. We have performed the first successful adult lung transplant in India at Gleneagles Global Health City, Chennai, in 2010. Since then, the team has developed many innovations that are now standard practice. Today, the team advances new surgery techniques, develops better anti-rejection medication protocols and provides the absolute best care for heart transplant patients. We are committed to delivering excellence in cardiac care with an expert panel of doctors, headed by the world-renowned surgeon.

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