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The Heart Transplant Journey

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Matters of the Heart

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Need for a Heart Transplant

A heart transplant is a last resort measure, and carried out when the defects of a patient's heart are beyond surgical repair or any partial replacement...

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Assessment for Heart Transplant

The first step of the decision making process for a heart transplant begins with a comprehensive and thorough assessment of the patient...

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Screening for the Heart Transplant

Once a patient is definitely identified for heart transplant, doctors will advise the patient to undergo screenings...

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Psychological Care for undergoing Heart Transplant

A heart transplant surgery is one of the most complex and rigorous surgical procedures that an individual will have to undergo.

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Waiting for the Heart Transplant

Waiting for the Heart Transplant is an anxious time for the patient and the caregivers. The timeframe may not always be easily determined and depends...

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Preparing for Heart Transplant Surgery

A patient once placed on the transplant list will need to be prepared, available and ready for a transplant at any moment.

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Post Heart Transplant Surgery Care

Post-surgical care is a fundamental and integral part of a successful heart transplant surgery. It is important to plan.